Cutting Through the Hype When Choosing an Anti Wrinkle Cream

What is an anti wrinkle cream? Many of the creams on the market are nothing more than glorified moisturizers with a super-sized price tag.

They are sold primarily through the use of marketing and advertising techniques. The companies allude to the benefits without actually outlining them. They take advantage of the consumer's limited knowledge. They insinuate that ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid are somehow beneficial.

Neither collagen nor hyaluronic acid has ever been proven to do anything when they are applied topically. In fact, the reverse has been proven. The molecules are too large to penetrate the skin's surface. So, there is no way that they can provide the purported benefits.

Both collagen and hyaluronic acid are important to the skin's firmness, elasticity, smoothness and strength. Collagen exists deep below the skin's surface. There is no way to supplement the skin's collagen content by adding some to the surface. It is necessary to stimulate the skin's natural collagen production.

Compounds that have proven effective for stimulating collagen production include the active form of the protein keratin, the nano-emulsion form of coenzyme Q10 and avocado extract. There is a good nighttime anti wrinkle cream containing all of those ingredients.

What about hyaluronic acid? It is a glucose compound that helps to hold the skin's cells together. It makes the surface of the skin smooth and firm.

The skin's hyaluronic acid levels are known to decrease as we get older. The compound is often included in injections, because it is well accepted, less likely to cause the problems that accompan collagen injections.

One of the reasons that doctors like injecting hyaluronic acid to smooth out wrinkles and improve the skin's firmness has to do with their ability to easily reverse the effects when they "overdo it". If they inject too much collagen, there's not much they can do about it. If they inject too much hyaluronic acid, they can follow up with an injection of hyaluronidaise, an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is not a good ingredient for an anti wrinkle cream, because hyaluronidaise typically exists on the skin's surface. When it is applied, the enzyme quickly breaks it down. So, there is no improvement in the skin's hyaluronic acid levels.

Scientists have found that a compound existing in wakame kelp inhibits the activity of hyaluronidaise. Because of that, any wrinkle cream should contain wakame kelp extracts. Creams containing it have been proven to raise the skin's hyaluronic acid levels to those of a much younger person. The result is improved smoothness and firmness … without a painful injection.

The good night creams mentioned above contain wakame, too. The use of a nighttime moisturizer is highly beneficial; because the skin's natural reparative processes are in full operation. There is also less risk of counterproductive damage occurring while you are sleeping in your bed at night.

Even getting a good night's sleep has proven to be beneficial for reducing wrinkles and improving the skin's appearance. It just makes sense to use a good wrinkle cream while you are getting your beauty rest.

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