Deep Wrinkle Treatment – Which One Works?

If you are worried about your deep wrinkles, you might be giving some thought to a remedy. But which one? There are plenty of treatments advertised these days for deep wrinkles. But only a handful of treatments stand out.

When considering a deep wrinkle treatment, it’s best to look for one that is nearly painless, and that has some lasting power (though many cosmetic treatments will require reapplication). Something that’s affordable is also ideal, of course.


Some women are literally addicted to Botox, holding parties in order to get more Botox. While it’s understandable how it could be addictive, there are some disadvantages.

Botox is a botulism toxin that’s injected just under the skin and helps smooth out the skin and fill wrinkles. Many people prefer this form of wrinkle reduction because, while the results are seen as similar to a face lift, Botox is much less invasive and faster. Side effects are usually mild and the treatment is much cheaper than surgery.

But there are some disadvantages to Botox. If you are taking antibiotics, you can have an adverse reaction to the injection. As well, sometimes it can cause a “frozen” look that can make the face – especially the forehead – appear non-moving or in a perpetual look of surprise. Botox is also temporary and must be refreshed every few months.

Juvederm injections

Juvederm is a relatively new product in the anti-wrinkle crusade. This product is made from a substance that occurs naturally in your skin, or what’s called hyaluronic acid. Juvederm is a gel made from this acid (and other ingredients) and is injected under your skin.

Juvederm is usually specifically targeted to areas that have deeper folds (like smile lines) and is thought to provide a natural and smooth look to the skin.

Although Juvederm has shown itself to be useful and mostly successful for patients who use it, there are some disadvantages to this product. Like Botox, it must be refreshed after a period of time and while it’s not invasive, it’s not completely noninvasive, either. Needles under the skin can come with a certain amount of risk, pain and recovery.

Wrinkle cream

Wrinkle cream products can provide much the same benefit as Botox and Juvederm but without the injections and need to refresh constantly.

A variety of ingredients can be added to wrinkle creams to make them not only immediately effective but to provide benefits in the future. While Botox and Juvederm work well temporarily, a wrinkle cream only has to be applied every day for its benefits to be seen. As well, many wrinkle creams provide ingredients that help the skin fight aging in the future. An example includes Lifecell cream.

Finding the right treatment for your deep wrinkles doesn’t have to include gong under the knife. It might involve going under the needle, or simply rubbing a cream into your skin.

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