Discover How to Stimulate Collagen Naturally

It's unbelievable. But majority of psychological studies have shown that there is a correlation between physical appearance and level of self-confidence. The way we typically look notably contribut to the way we feel about ourselves, deal with others and how we establish and nurture last relationship with others.

Skin wrinkles and collagen

Skin wrinkles develop when the skin cells and the connective tissues holding them together start to lose elasticity and their tensile strength. This takes place when there is marked reduction in the production of collagen. Collagen is a primary protein commonly found in our skin, bones and ligaments. Its degradation results to the formation of wrinkles. As we advance in age, collagen production slows down. We are known to shed around a third of collagen mass when we reach mid-adult life.

Collagen regeneration takes place only if the necessary ideal condition and environment is created. This involves the presence of particular essential elements that promote regrowth of collagen molecules and enhance their rapid production. Harmful chemicals, body toxins and free radicals prevent collagen bundles from optimizing their performance. They are also known to contribute to earlier deceay and death of the collagen molecules.

Known food substances that stimulate collagen regeneration

Take abundant amount of fruits and vegetables known to contain compounds that help in the collagen production. Consume those which are rich in vitamin C, lycopenes, anti-oxidants, sulfur and gentle protein. Those elements, except protein, provide the required enzymatic reactions that boost collagen rejuvenation. Anti-oxidants fight off free radicals that cause a lot of cellular decay, including various types of diseases, including cancer.

Several compounds are known to exhibit enzymatic behaviors that directly promote rapid production of collagen.

Cynergy TK is a form of protein taken from the wool of a special breed of sheep. It is essential in the production of functional keratin which triggers rapid collagen regrowth. Hyaluronic acid is reportedly reported to help collagen and elastin fibers bundle together. This helps us regain cellular strength and elasticity of the skin.

Rich source of Hyaluronic acid is an exotic kind of kelp, called Phytessence Wakame. For centuries, the Japanese had been using this as a food condiment and nutritional supplement. Hyaluronic acid can also be injected inside the skin's defect layers.

A study conducted by Dr. Frank Wang and his colleagues at the University of Michigan Medical School showed that injections of hyaluronic acid as skin fillers stimulated production of collagen. The research study, published by the American Medical Association, determined that collagen dermal injections are also known to be effective in treating photo-damaged skin.

Now, go ahead and take this seriously. These are effective ways of stimulating your skin collagen.

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