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End Premature Ejaculation – Increase Your Lasting Power

If you wish to end premature ejaculation like many men do, you should work towards lasting longer each week, and ultimately eliminating the problem altogether. The best way to do this is to set some goals each week. Here’s how:

Week 1:

First you need to find out where you are at, and how badly you suffer from premature ejaculation. You can do this by masturbating, and timing yourself to find out how long it takes. This will give you a baseline to work with, so that you can set your goals appropriately.

To reach your goals, you will masturbate each day and focus on increasing your time. Each time you feel premature ejaculation coming on, simply stop, pause and start again. Even if you only work towards 30 second time increases, you will still be slowly improving and at the end of the week you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve increased your lasting power.

So, by the end of week 1, you want to work towards just adding 1 minute to how long you normally last. Masturbating throughout the week will be your practice towards the extra minute goal.

Week 2:

Continue the practice, but this time set a more lofty goal: 3 minutes. This might seem difficult, but now that you are familiar with starting and stopping, your practice sessions will be more productive, and greater results should follow.

Week 3:

Continue practice, and set an end premature ejaculation goal of 2 more minutes added to your lasting power. You’ve already gone through week 2, which was the hardest, so a more modest goal of 2 minutes should be doable.

When all is said and done you will end premature ejaculation and add 5-6 minutes to your lasting time, which is actually a huge increase and it could just be the additional amount of time you need for sex to be enjoyable for yourself and your partner.

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