Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss has been a source of terrible embarrassment and anxiety for some people. They often associate it with old age and hide it by wearing hats or wigs. Most people will, once or twice in their lifetime try some form of hair growth medicines. But the truth is, most of them does not work or will just irritate your scalp and make your hair dry.

That's why herbal methods are the best way to treat hair loss. Not only are they effective but they assure you of a safe way to treat your hair. Herbs are all natural and organic. There are no synthetic chemicals to irritate your scalp. Here are some herbal remedies:

For example, Green tea contains enzymes called 5 Alpha Reductase that can help men who are suffering from male pattern baldness have a head full of hair.

For centuries, Stinging nettle has been a well-known home remedy for hair loss. Nowadays, you can buy capsules of this herb which you can take once or twice a day to prevent hair loss.

Taken twice a week, saw palmetto has lots of known curative factors including hair growth.

The Ginko biloba is a Chinese remedy for almost all known ailments but it has also been scientifically proven to help increase blood flow and improve blood circulation. With increased blood supply to your scalp, it can improve hair growth considerably.

The secret to uninterrupted hair growth is a clean and healthy scalp. Rosemary not only does that but it also makes your hair smoother and softer. Shampoos in the market today have rosemary in them but the more natural way of preparing this concoction is boiling a sprig of this with water. You can also immerse rosemary in essential oils (Italians use olive oil) for a week and massage onto scalp, leave for 5 to 10 minutes and wash dry.

Aloe vera has been used to heal skin abrasions and other skin problems. Giving a soothing and cleansing effect, it can directly be applied to your scalp squeezing from an aloe stalk. Both these home remedies will promote hair to grow.

Another great herbal treatment is capsicum, which works by causing a mild irritation to the scalp boosting an increase in blood supply to it. You can mix it with lemon grass – a daily treatment of this will show results in hair growth in a few weeks.

Other herbs that can help promote hair growth are rose hips, dandelion, elder flowers and burdock. These can be applied directly to the scalp in a form of paste or mixed with oils (coconut or olive oils). With patience and regular applications, these tested-and-tested herbal hair loss treatments will give you the results you need.

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