How Long Does Yeast Infection Cream Stay in the Vagina?

Yeast infections are never very nice and it is important to treat them as soon as you can in order to avoid future health problems that can be caused by untreated infections. Many women all over the world who suffer fro yeast infections use a topical cream that is rubbed onto the infected area which helps to clear the yeast infection up, but how long does yeast infection cream stay in the vagina?

Well, the cream itself will usually remain active inside the vagina until you next wash, so usually this is 24 hours or so. After which, you will need to reapply a fresh dose of cream to keep the treatment going.

Having the cream inside for 24 hours at a time is not a problem and it won’t cause any side-effects or anything like that inside. However, it may be a nuisance as it can sometimes cause some mild discomfort or if you put too much on then it can get a little messy throughout the day.

A better way to cure your yeast infection

Whilst topical creams are great, they only really provide relief from the symptoms and often will take a long time to actually destroy the yeast spores causing the infection.

A much better way to cure your yeast infection is to use a 100% all-natural cure. This cure is much cheaper than the creams and actually helps to boost your immune system at the same time to further help you fight the infection off.

It gets to work straight away at relieving the symptoms and it also gets to work at curing the underlying cause of the infection, removing the whole thing in just 12 hours flat, nothing else can beat this treatment for speed. It really is that good!

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