How to Organize Your Packing – The Easy Way!

1) The first step is to decide the type of clothes you will require for the entire trip. For e.g., If you are visiting a cold area, you will require more of your woollens and so on.

2) Once you have decided on that, focus on the number of clothes required For e.g., If you are on a trek, then you will have to reduce the number and also you may require more disposable items. However, please be considerate towards the environment when choosing disposable clothing.

3) Then segregate the items into outdoors or indoors. If the place you are visiting has an iron then you needn’t iron your clothes while packing. Also try and pack as much wrinkle-free clothing as possible. In India, on several occasions, women need to wear traditional clothing like Sarees, etc. These tend to wrinkle up very easily. For such items, Always pack them in a saree bag and place them in the bottom. I sometimes, use the saree boxes that the shopkeeper gives along with the sarees, this helps to prevent any damage that may occur due to leakage of any lotion etc. Another important step is to roll up all your everyday wear as well as jeans, shirts, tees, woollens, etc.

4) Also, always pack one pair of formal as well as informal footwear depending upon the area you will be visiting. If you are visiting a new place of tourist interest, you can make do with just a pair of sneakers since you will end up buying footwear from that area whilst shopping.

5) While visiting foreign lands, make sure to be accustomed with the dressing style and traditions of that place, since societal norms change drastically in many foreign lands.

6) Always carry cosmetics and other accessories in a separate smaller bag. Make sure to pack such items like lotions, shampoos in a plastic bag before placing them in your travel bag. Also if possible buy these articles at your place of visit as this will reduce your load. Also carry medicated strips of bandage in case of any emergency.

7) And always carry a smile. This is tax-free and weighs nothing!

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