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Premature Ejaculation – Does Premature Ejaculation Go Away Over Time?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a very common problem among young teenage boys. If you are between 18 to 21 years old, it is common that you can’t last a minute during intercourse. But when you get older, premature ejaculation does go away, provided you don’t develop bad masturbation habits.

On average, a man can last around 30 minutes during masturbation and 10 minutes during intercourse. If you are over 21 years old and ejaculate quicker than expected, then you are suffering from PE. It is possible for premature ejaculation to go away, but you must do something about it. In this article, let me share with you some tips to get rid of premature ejaculation for good.

1. Stop your bad masturbation habit. If you masturbate often to get an orgasm as quickly as possible, you are training your body to ejaculate as soon as sex begins. Bad masturbation habit is one of the main culprits of PE. Some teenagers masturbate often to achieve the desire of getting an orgasm because most of them don’t have partners and are under the legal age for sex. So the only way for them to get an orgasm is through masturbation. During those years, they might have developed bad masturbation habit which starts to haunt them when they grow up. If you want to last longer in bed and get rid of premature ejaculation, don’t rush masturbation. Masturbate only when you have ample time. During masturbation, try your best to last as long as possible, so as to program your body to last longer during sex.

2. Train your PC muscles. The PC muscle is the muscle that controls your urination and ejaculation. When you squeeze the PC muscles, you should feel the muscle around your anus. By training your PC muscles, you can increase your endurance and last longer in bed.

3. Practice with your lady. Practicing with your lady is the best way to get rid of premature ejaculation. Firstly, you should let your lady know about your condition. Once she understands your condition, ask her if she is willing to assist you in curing it (most probably a YES!). When having sex with your lady, don’t start off with the missionary position. Ask her to come on top of you and start thrusting in a slow and steady rhythm. When you are about to ejaculate, tell her to stop thrusting and allows you to cool down. Once the urge to ejaculate subsides, start thrusting again. When you practice regularly with your lady, your body will soon get used to it and you will start to last longer naturally in bed.

These are just 3 tips to help you solve premature ejaculation. If you want more tips to solve premature ejaculation quicker and enjoy sex like every man should, check out the bonus tip below:

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