Remedy Your Hemorrhoid With Natural Treatments

Hemorrhoid happens to more than 50% of the population around the world. There are two types of treatment for hemorrhoids including medical and natural treatments. Hemorrhoid natural treatment is inexpensive and will not cause side effects. Different types of herbs can be used to treat hemorrhoids including aloe, barberry, horse chestnut, neem, and psyllium. These herbs can reduce symptoms associated with hemorrhoids including constipation, itching, soreness, and anal fissures. Barberry can treat piles effectively. Barberry has a kind of property that can promote microbial balance in the intestine. Beside, barberry helps you to have a healthy liver and gallbladder. Horse Chestnut has anti-inflammatory properties and can treat varicose veins. Neem helps you to have a smooth bowel movement by eliminating the waste. Psyllium can lower the cholesterol level in your body.

The best hemorrhoid natural treatment is changing your diet. You must increase the intake of fruit and fiber so that less pressure will be put on the rectum when you are performing a bowel movement. Dietary fiber and water can reduce the discomfort and bleeding caused by hemorrhoids. It is not recommended that you use stool softeners to smooth the bowel movement process. Beside, you should regularly exercise to reduce the pressure exerted on the hemorrhoidal veins. When you have an urge to treat yourself, you should quickly go to the toilet. If you linger for a longer time, the stools in the bowel will harden and become difficult to pass. You must reduce the amount of fat in your diet. Your diet should include foods that are healthy and nutritious. Instead of drinking full cream milk, you can drink skim milk. You should eat food that contains good cholesterol such as lean meat, fish, and chicken meat. It is important to drink water so that the fiber can be easily flushed down to the colon. Water helps to make the stool soft and results it from scratching the anal when you are defecating.

Patients can use creams and ointments to relieve their hemorrhoids. Ointment is a more effective hemorrhoid natural treatment because it can be absorbed into the body faster. You should start with a weaker hemorrhoid cream. If you see no improvement after 3 days, you can use stronger hemorrhoid creams. It is not good to start with a stronger cream because it can cause eczema around the anus. The creams and ointments can be obtained from over the counter. Although these creams do not cure hemorrhoids, they can reduce the inflammations around the anus areas. Examples of hemorrhoid creams include preparation H, rectinol and tronolane.

You should increase your consumption of dietary fiber. Bioflavonoid can be found in citrus fruits and herperidin. You can take bioflavonoid alleviate the pain of the hemorrhoid. You must change your diet if you want your hemorrhoid condition to be cured. Following an anti-constipation diet will remove all the constipation from your stomach. Enemas are a bowel stimulant. It can be administrated on the rectum and colon. Normally, an enema will take 5 – 10 minutes to produce effects. After 5 – 10 minutes, the patient will have a movement of the feces into the toilet. You can seek the advice of a colon hydro-therapist before using an enema that uses a chemical ingredient.

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