Setting Up Proper Vinegar Treatment

Vinegar is perhaps the oldest yet most distinct condiment known to man. Vinegar has many uses and it proves to be a versatile product for it can be used not only for cooking but it can also be used as a cleaner or for treating some diseases or illnesses. The sweet, tangy and sour flavor of this liquid makes it a very important ingredient in some of the world's most delicious dishes. Also, its acid content proves to be an effective cleanser for problems that a housewife often encounters in her home. Vinegar has healing properties too and more and more doctors acknowledge vinegar as a herbal medicine. Vinegar also provides a cheap yet very effective solution to one problem that most housewives face during summer. That problem is eradicating the head lice that pests their children's head.

Lice are a common occurrence in children especially this summer season. They are transmitted from one child through another by physical contact. They may come from the dirty places that a child usually lingers at like playgrounds, car seats, floor carpets, or even their very own bed. It is very important to keep the child's surroundings clean and sanitized to prevent him / her form getting these lice. But when your child already have it, then do not worry for our ever reliable vinegar is here to help. Vinegar treatment is one of the most effective ways of treating head lice and here is how you can do it.

Treating lice using vinegar is simple. Using the proper vinegar solution for this treatment is very critical to ensure success. This vinegar treatment is easy to follow.

First, you will need a trusted vinegar product to use. White vinegar is recommended to be used for this treatment. Boil the vinegar with the sufficient amount of water to dilute it slightly. Then proceed in shampooing the child thoroughly. Next, rinse the hair with the solution above. Keep the vinegar mixture as warm as possible. The heat in this vinegar treatment will dissolve the natural cement that lice eggs use to stick to the hair. Repeat the procedure everyday for two to three weeks or until the head lice is gone. You may also want to wash the kid's linen and clothes with the same vinegar solution to make sure that they will not be infested with lice again. This vinegar treatment will be more effective the warmer it is, so every time you use this do not forget to heat it and use it on your child with the heat that s / he can tolerate.

Vinegar treatments like this can cure a lot of other diseases too. This liquid contains the natural occurring healing and cleansing agents that is why it is very efficient. With this kind of treatment, you can cure the head lice without using artificial medicines and spending a lot of money. If your child does not have head lice yet, you can consider cleaning your house or washing your laundry with this vinegar treatment to prevent head lice from infesting anyone in the family. Always remember that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

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