Sure Signs He Loves You

Whether you have recently met someone special or you have been married for years, there comes a time when you want to know how he REALLY feels about you.

Men are different to women. They speak less, especially about emotions, and ‘do’ instead. So watch what he does, because the way he treats you speaks volumes. Look carefully though; sometimes his efforts are clumsy.

In a new relationship where things are exciting and hormones rage, love is unlikely to be the over-riding emotion. After about 12 months together, love is more believable.

When you have been married for years, the daily grind of work and family responsibilities probably dominate. Neither of you make as much effort, and feelings change. Especially if you have trust issues, you might want to gauge his feelings for you. Are they genuine or is he just going through the motions?

Here are sure signs he is both attracted to you and loves you. Some of the ones at the beginning refer to newer relationships, while the others apply to longstanding ones.

His eyes light up and shine when he sees you.

When he is with you he smiles a lot and it fades slowly.

He calls you often and talks about anything; maybe he asks you something trivial, just chats or checks you are okay. Early in the relationship he cannot get you out of his mind, later on in the relationship, you are such an important part of his life he wants to share everything with you.

He takes an interest in your day to day activities and wants to know everything about you.

He asks questions about you and your interests.

He remembers what you like and things you said.

He wants to see you often, even for a short while, and makes excuses to spend time with you.

He happily cancels his Thursday night squash game to be with you.

He would rather spend time with you than his friends.

He sits or stands close to you and will touch you any chance he can; hold your hand, touch your arm, wipe an eye lash off your cheek, put your hair behind your ear. If he does not know you but wants to, he will stand closer to you than other people.

He wants you to date each other exclusively.

When surrounded by gorgeous women, you have his full attention. He maintains eye contact with you, and his whole body faces you — his shoulders remain parallel to yours and his feet point toward you.

He introduces you to his circle of friends and family.

If his friends and family treat you with respect, he speaks highly of you and they know how important you are to him.

He is kind to your relatives, even when they corner him with boring stories of when you were a child.

He treats your friends nicely and the hot ones like they are quite ordinary.

He takes you out to fun and interesting places, so the relationship is about more than just sex.

He spends money on you, not because you are a gold-digger, but because it implies a financial as well as emotional investment.

When he talks about the future he includes you. For example, he buys tickets for a concert three months in advance, you plan a holiday together, discuss where you will live when you marry and how many children you would like.

He is genuinely interested in what you say, responds appropriately and shares your concerns.

He shares his interests with you. If he talks enthusiastically about his motocross, even if you do not understand what he is talking about, feel flattered he shares with you. Connection is important for a man in a relationship. What you do or talk about does not matter; he just wants to be with you.

He treats you respectfully by displaying good manners. He opens the door for you, pulls your chair out at the restaurant and offers his jacket when the weather is cold.

He spoils you by doing romantic things for you.

He compliments you on your appearance, a meal you cooked, a situation you handled well.

He happily spends time alone with you at home.

He confides in you, telling you things he tells no one else.

He jabbers about his day instead of flopping on the couch with the newspaper or TV remote.

He finds you beautiful even when you wake up in the morning.

He finds ways to make your life better, like helping around the house even if he is not sure how.

He brags about you and your achievements to others.

He cares about your well-being and wants to make you happy.

You laugh together.

He takes the kids out for an ice cream to give you alone time, or arranges a weekend away for the two of you.

He makes time for you.

He nurses you when you are sick.

He sometimes cooks or orders takeaways for dinner.

He cheers you up when you are upset.

When you are in a bad mood he keeps quiet and buys you a chocolate.

He buys you things for no reason.

He makes an effort to correct his irritating habits, like trying to remember to put the toilet lid down.

If you want to watch a chick flick, he gets the popcorn and cuddles up next to you instead of grumbling about not being able to watch his soccer team in action.

He asks for your opinion and carefully considers it.

Guys seldom come right out and spill their feelings. If he says, “I love you,” first and not in response to you saying it, and if you are not in the bedroom, he means it. You can also tell by the look in his eyes and the tone of his voice as he wraps his arms around you and whispers, “I love you,” if he means it. And the more often he says it, the better.

When he shows his emotional side by saying he loves you, he apologizes and he romances you, he feels safe enough to show you his vulnerable side and loves you.

Although the way each man reveals his feelings depends on his personality, if he displays ten or more of these signs, even slightly, he loves you. Remember too, though, if you each give more than you take, your relationship is sure to bloom.

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