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Why Dogs Bark

• To give out a warning – Dogs are always concerned about the strangers who come to your home. When somebody is passing your house or comes to your door, they would tend to bark in order to alert the owners. In addition, the dogs tend to warn the strangers not to come into the home. In fact, they see strangers as a threat. The dogs feel that it’s their responsibility to protect the home. In such instances, the barking is usually authoritative, loud and sharp.

• Responding to other dogs – Dogs tend to bark in order to respond to other dogs also. You must have come across such instances as well. When one dog in your neighborhood starts barking, other dogs would respond to it. Your dog would also join it after a while. This is more like a cacophonous rendition.

• Boredom – Dogs often tend to bark when they come across boredom. They prefer to hear their own voices when bored. As a result, dogs naturally tend to bark. This would come across as annoying for most of the dog owners. On the other hand, it can arouse empathy within your mind as well. Some dogs tend to bark in order to release the excess energy that they have. When you have figured out that your dog is barking due to boredom, you can think about recommending an activity for him to engage with. Or else, you can become the play companion of your dog.

• Attention seeking -a lot of the dogs bark in order to grab the attention of people. They will even bark to grab your attention too. Some dogs bark and whine together to grab attention. This is something similar to the whining of a little child.

• Excitement – This is another common reason why dogs bark. Most of the dogs tend to bark when they are playing with other dogs or the owners. It would be possible for you to distinguish barking out of excitement from other situations. In here, the bark tends to sound upbeat. Moreover, dogs get excited when the owner is about to take them for a walk. As a result, they would start barking out of excitement.

• Anxiety – Barking out of anxiety can be considered as a self-soothing act. You will also be able to figure out that this barking is associated with a unique tone. It is usually high pitched. In addition, this type of barking is associated with whining. When dogs are separated from their owners, this type of barking can be experienced.

In order to contain excessive barking in some dogs and alter their behavior, first we have to identify the type of bark and the reason behind it. To do this it calls for a little bit of close attention to your dog or dogs. If you can figure out what type of barking it is, it becomes really easy to correct the problem. Remember dogs barking is a totally natural way of them communicating, but it is possible to control and correct any excessive problems with barking in your dog.

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