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Wrinkle Treatment Reviews Point to This Type of Treatment For Results

A great thing about wrinkle treatment reviews is that they can help guide you to the most effective treatment options without having to try them all yourself! After reading one wrinkle treatment review after another, here is what a majority of them were pointing to as an effective solution.

First, it’s definitely worth mentioning the importance of using all-natural or organic topical skin care products. The widespread use of harsh synthetic chemicals, toxins, and byproducts in skin care products has made a majority of them unsafe to use. This is really a shame because these harmful substances are only used to reduce the overall cost of making these products and unfortunately it comes at the expense our the consumer’s health.

But above anything else, wrinkle treatment reviews show that the most effective anti-wrinkle products are the ones that help to increase the amount of collagen and elastin protein in the skin. If you do not know what collagen and elastin are, they are the primary structural protein in your skin and they determine how firm, tight, and elastin it stays.

Your body actually makes it’s own unique collagen and elastin proteins naturally, but the rate at which these proteins are produced decreases as you get older and older. Thankfully though, quality anti wrinkle treatments can help fix this problem.

Be careful though! A majority of anti-aging creams and lotions are designed completely wrong when it comes to increasing collagen and elastin levels. Many of them actually contain these proteins as ingredients. These may SOUND like logical wrinkle treatment options, but they are far from it since collagen and elastin molecules are too large to be absorbed through the skin.

What you REALLY want to look for is antiaging creams and lotions containing ingredients that give your skin the extra ‘boost’ it needs in order to keep producing these structural protein as high levels. One ingredient that many wrinkle treatment reviews point to as an effective solution is CynergyTK™.

CynergyTK™ is a unique extract from the wool of New Zealand sheep. It contains special proteins and bio-active polymers that make it very effective at NATURALLY stimulating more collagen and elastin production. And as an added bonus, CynergyTK™ also stimulates cell division, blocks the main biochemical pathway of inflammation (PGE2 production), and even acts as a special enzymatic antioxidant which is great from defending the skin against harmful free radical molecules and other forms of oxidative stress.

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