Wrinkle Treatment – Use This Powerful Technique to Discover the Wrinkle Treatments That Really Work

Wrinkle treatment is the last thing we want to admit that we need, of course. But let’s face it, when you get to our age it becomes important to know what is the best wrinkle cream.

Finding a good wrinkle treatment is not easy, for two reasons.

First, because there are so many treatments on offer out there.

Skin care products — known as ‘beneficial beauty products’ to the economists and marketers who dominate the industry — have increased almost unbelievably in the last five years and $16 billion worth of them were sold in 2007. There were a lot of wrinkle treatments in that huge figure. So the sheer number of ‘best wrinkle cream’ is overwhelming.

And second, because many of us aren’t exactly sure why we age and wrinkle. If we knew what was happening to our skin as we age, then we would be able to find a wrinkle treatment that actually worked on the changes going on in our once-young skin. Right?

Well, let me give you a concise but accurate over view of why we develop wrinkles.

Your skin contains two natural proteins that made it firm and supple when you were younger.

First and most importantly, there’s collagen. This protein connects components of your tissues and skin, and is the living part of your bones. It gives your frame and organs structure and mechanical stability, and makes up 25 percent of all the protein in your body. It’s a vital protein.

But it is also what I call a ‘cosmetic’ protein. By this I mean, collagen in your skin forms flat cross-cross patterns of fibers that give the layers of your skin strength and multi-directional flexibility. And makes your skin firm and elastic.

At least, it does this for your skin until you begin to age. Then, your body’s collagen starts to break down, and so your skin and muscles begin to sag and lose their firmness and flexibility. Suddenly you are aware that you need a wrinkle treatment — quickly!

We cannot rub collagen into our skin. The protein molecules are too large to penetrate it. But we can get wrinkle cream that will penetrate our skin and place natural compounds into our body that cause our own collagen to rejuvenate. In this way we can re-supply our body and skin with the collagen that is breaking down as we get older.

The other natural protein in your skin is elastin.

Like it’s name suggests, this gives elasticity to your skin. When you press your skin, it’s this protein that enables it to recover its shape. When we’re young, elastin and collagen worked together to give us supple, flexible skin that looked so good. Elastin also carries load, and scientists find it in those organs and tissues where mechanical energy has to be stored.

But elastin also breaks down as we age, so a wrinkle treatment needs to also stimulate the rejuvenation of this important protein.

By now it will be obvious what treatments will work on your wrinkles. The treatment you use must replenish those lowering levels of collagen and elastin. It’s as simple as that.

One particularly good natural product which will do this is Functional Keratin.

Plain keratin is (another) natural protein found in your body. It is used in some skin care products but I have reservations about it because it’s collected by putting acid at high temperatures on the discarded, unwanted by-products of dead animals.

On the other hand Functional Keratin, is gently extracted from the wool of carefully selected sheep. This special keratin is able to penetrate through the layers of aging skin and rejuvenate the collagen and elastin you have left in your body. The result is skin that begins to look younger again.

So I would recommend you look for a wrinkle treatment that includes this natural, enhanced keratin in the ingredients.

It’s found in one compound I know called Cynergy TK. This has been shown in studies to have a sustained improvement in skin elasticity of more than 40 percent after 18 days.

So you might like to start your search for a wrinkle treatment by hunting for products which use Cynergy TK. There are links to one on my web site, which you may find helpful. But the main thing is to find a wrinkle treatment that will replenish your body’s dwindling reserves of collagen and elastin.

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