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You Don’t Need an Anti Aging Foundation – Here’s Why

You Don’t Need an Anti Aging Foundation – Here’s Why

Most anti aging foundations can make you look good temporarily, but your skin will take a hit each time you put on your anti aging foundation.

Have you ever wondered why people who’ve used a lot of make-up for many years look so bad without it? It’s because the make-up is made out of toxic ingredients, and chemicals which are slowly destroying their skin.

When you stop using an anti aging foundation, your skin will slowly start being able to breathe again, and it will return to its natural color, and glow.

If you’re trying to cover something up with your anti aging foundation, there is an underlying issue you have to target first, and that is usually your diet, and what you put on your body.

If you have bad skin, then you aren’t taking care of it properly, if you have some kind of rashes, outbreaks and so on, again, you could probably be eating better.

There’s a reason why people that eat healthy usually look good, it is because their bodies don’t have to detoxify what they eat.

For example if you eat cookies, sodas, hamburgers, pizzas, chocolate, and sugary foods, your body, and skin will have to get rid of all that crap.

This will be done through several different pathways, one is including through your liver, which works through your skin, but when you eat healthy foods, your body thanks you, because it doesn’t have to work overtime to get rid of those unhealthy foods.

There’s another thing I haven’t mentioned yet, and that is the impact that bad skin care products have. Almost all skin care products contain bad ingredients and chemicals.

It isn’t just anti aging foundations that are bad, it’s everything. Companies are looking for cheap ways to manufacture products, and they are selling them expensively to us, the consumers.

It’s all about making more money, and that sucks for us, but there are solutions. If you do your research, you can find a completely natural skin care product that is very effective, like I have.