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Your Penis – Is it a Shock-er, a Show-er, Or a Grow-er?

Your Penis – Is it a Shock-er, a Show-er, Or a Grow-er?

Penises come in all shapes and sizes. In some, the glans (head) is mushroomed shaped and in some men it is shaped like a bullet. Some shafts are hairy, while some are devoid of hair. Some are crooked and some are straight. There are no two penises alike, that’s for sure. Whatever your penis looks like, it is something to be proud of. Even things like small moles and changes in skin color on your penis make it different. No matter what, your penis is unique and it is something to be proud of.

But there ARE two Distinct types of penises: Show-ers and Grow-ers.

Basically, a Show-er penis is a penis that maintains most of its length and girth in its resting state. This means that even when the penis is not erect, it showcases its size. This is why it is a “Show”-er. Because no matter what state it is in, it is something to show off.

Then there is the Grow-er penis. This is the type of penis that is much smaller when it is in its resting state. Which is to say, that it may only be 1″ long when it is not erect, but upon maintaining an erection, it may grow to 8″. This is the “Grow”-er, because its size increases immensely upon erection.

One world-wide study showed that approximately 80% of men are Grow-ers and approximately 20% are Show-ers. So if you are a Show-er, you are in the minority but your size is more impressive most of the time. While the Show-ers also have an edge, as they can impress their partner with a flaccid size that belies its true size. This can be quite a “turn on” for your partner to watch it grow.

We’ve found that with natural penis enlargement, that the Show-er aspect comes more into effect. This means that the added length and girth you get becomes more apparent regardless if you are erect or not.

Regardless if you are a Show-er or a Grow-er, you can enlarge the size of your penis. Then there is a third type of penis. This is when you naturally enlarge the size of your penis, and it doesn’t matter if you are a Show-er or a Grow-er because you will then become a Shock-er. This is the type of penis that has a jaw-drop reflex on your partner. One of the best ways is through “milking.” This technique encourages the cavities in the penis that contain blood (and, hence, make you erect) to increase their capacity. This increased capacity encourages the penis to get larger in both length and girth.



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